Saturday, June 2, 2012

Event: Sally Hansen and Rimmel London grooming workshop

I'm back with another brand ambassador update! 
Part of my contract requires me to attend a grooming workshop which was held on the 29th of May.
The office was super far away and I got super lost :(
but I really like the open concept that they have adopted.
First up was the workshop on Sally Hansen products
*product booklet*
*box full of treatment products*
*TONS of pretty nail polishes!!*
I swear I almost fainted after I saw all the products ;p
*demo on how to shape nails correctly*
Miss Julie who was the trainer suggested that I use the 2 products above because I have ridges on my nails so those products would help to fill up the spaces to give a smooth surface
*one of my favorite products!*
*first find a piece that fits your nail*
* then remove the plastic, stick it on and file off the excess*
* use an orange wood stick to adhere it to the nail*
*This step is optional but applying a top coat helps the nail strips last longer*
* I find that this design helps make my skin look fairer :D*
*I still have another set~ should I do a giveaway?:) *
Then we had a short break and one of the ambassadors brought some cornflake snacks which were super yummy!
We jumped right into makeup after that with Rimmel London
*Found out I'm a no.103 for liquid foundation and no.200 for powder*
*I'm really loving the sexy curves mascara- do look forward to a review on it*

*some of the products which I had a chance to test out*

The session finished quite late so I hardly had time to pick out which products that I wanted. Haha I was literally grabbing stuff and scribbling down the product code. Thank god Miss Julie was such a great help by recommending which products to get.
Right now I have absolutely no idea what products I picked out to review so that will be a surprise ;p

Thank you StarAsia for the opportunity~!

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